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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time limit I have on these options?


There is no time limit. We strongly encourage you to contact Beko as soon as possible, so one of the two remedies can be actioned for you.



What if I select the option of the service call but later decide that I want a refund?


You can only select one of the two options available. If you choose a repair, you cannot request a refund at a later date.



I want a refund, and I'd like to keep this fridge too?


We are unable to offer this option. If you select a refund, the fridge will be collected and removed by Beko or our nominated agent.



I had to make special arrangements to have the fridge installed, who will cover the cost of this and getting a replacement fridge installed?


The option of a service call to improve the performance of the fridge would be recommended in this situation. If you select the option of a refund, we will not cover any additional cost relating to removal or installation of the fridge.



If I take the refund option when will I receive the payment?


Refund applications will be processed within 45 days of your completed application.




I no longer have the fridge, can I still claim the refund option?


No, if you no longer have the refrigerator, you cannot claim either option.




I have a different model from the ones listed, can I request a refund too?


No, this is only available for the models BFR630DB and BFR630DX.




I received this fridge as a replacement (change-over) if I select the refund what amount will I receive?


You would be paid the original invoice price from the original fridge you purchased. In this instance, please attach the original invoice and a photo of the current fridge serial number.




I purchased this unit in Australia/New Zealand but I have moved to another country, am I still eligible for this remedy?


This undertaking is only applicable to Australia and New Zealand. If you have moved to another country or purchased the appliance in another country, this undertaking does not apply to you.